Original Charter

The Men’s PROBUS Club of Lindsay (part of PROBUS District #1), was sponsored by The Men’s PROBUS Club of Newmarket. The Club’s Charter #185, was signed on February 23, 2007 with seventeen members attending the chartering ceremony.

Original Founding Members:

Bruce Faulkner (founder) Bill Coe Pat Dunn Will Gilbert

Ron Morgan Bill Olan Ed Stephenson

Original Charter Members:

Reg. Benchley Rich Brien Dennis Pitt Rodger Smith

Bob Spencer Reid Watson Doug Shelton

Jim Buchanan Stewart Kell Jim Mackey

First President

The first president was Bruce Faulkner (now a Life Member) who served from May, 2007 until May, 2009.

Club Regalia

Name Badge Boxes

The members name badge boxes were made by Ed Stephenson and Reid Watson.


The wood framework was made by Ron Morgan, while the bell itself was donated by club member Gordon Sloan. The bell had been presented to Gordon’s father, who was the vice president/sales for the Colgate Palmolive Company, by his staff in recognition of a sales record.


The lectern was designed and crafted by Reid Watson. The PROBUS crest on the lectern was sculpted by Jim Buchanan.

Club Banner

The club banner was designed by Bruce Faulkner and Stewart Kell.

Military Flag

Major Leo Phillips (Administrative Commander for 22nd Wing North Bay) was a guest speaker at a Remembrance Day program and he presented this flag to our Club. It is a replica of the flag that is on display whenever the Joint Chiefs of Staff meet and cannot be purchased through any vendor. The flag has 3 symbols that represent all 3 detachments of our Canadian Armed Forces (Army, Navy and Air Force).

Club Newsletter “The Banner”.

The club newsletter was originated by the first club secretary, Pat Dunn. Further refinements have been made over the years and will continue to evolve with each new editor.

Club Sponsorship

Our club had the honour of sponsoring the Women’s PROBUS Club of Lindsay. Chartering meeting took place on February 28, 2012 at the Masonic Temple Hall, Lindsay. The new Club’s Charter was presented by the PROBUS Men’s Club President of the day.